Services & Programs

Archery Classes for Youth

Archer's Cave offers a 5-week curriculum based archery class utilizing the NTS system. The one and a half hour classes are currently held at 10:00AM and 2:00PM on Saturdays with plans of offering more classes during the week to accommodate additional archers. Classes are limited to six archers per class. This is a combined recurve and compound class.

Archery Classes for Adults

These classes are two hours and held on four consecutive Sundays and are limited to six archers per class. The class is for both recurve and compound archers 20 years and older. Equipment is provided. Previous basic archery experience required.

Archery Classes for Seniors (65 Years and Older)

This is a one hour class which is held in two consecutive sessions with equipment appropriate for Seniors provided (both recurve and compound).

Private Archery Lessons

An NTS Level 4 coach will be teaching the private lesson.  The NTS system will be taught during the one-hour session and includes a half hour open practice following the lesson. Both shooting form and equipment will be covered based on the needs of the archer.  The coaching process is documented via "Coaches Eye" for future reference. We put a high emphasis on the use of back tension release for both recurve and compound.

Try Archery

This program is for individuals or groups who want to experience shooting a bow and arrow. The staff at Archer's Cave will provide the basic equipment suited for each individual followed by a short safety orientation and basic shooting form. At the end of the session, the individual will be able to hit the 10 ring of the target. The staff will answer any questions that the particpants may have.  This is a great way to get introduced to the sport without a commitment.


Archer's Cave has an existing Groupon agreement to provide archery training at a discount price for a group of clients.  By appointment only.

Archery at Summer Camps

Archer's Cave is available to conduct the archery portion for any summer camp provider in the immediate vicinity. This includes going to various camp sites with all the necessary equipment, certified instructors and a fun program for the campers. Pre-arrangement is required.

Team Building

The program provides a team building session through archery during corporate meetings to emphasize "focusing on corporate goals". Archer's Cave will provide the equipment, certified staff, team building program and transportion to and from the corporate location. Pre-arrangement is required.

Bow Set Up and Fine Tuning of Equipment (Both Recurve and Compound)

Archer's Cave utilizes the latest tuning techniques and equipment for bow tuning such as Xpress BowPress with a Pro Draw device, a dual shooting machine for both recurve and compound, chronograph, weight scales and other tuning devices.  By appointment only.

High-Performance Training for Elite Archers

This program is designed for archers who have achieved a high level of proficiency in their shooting form and scores.  This training includes, but is not limited to, nutrition, mental training (intermediate), equipment training, physical training and tournament preparation. This training is conducted on a one-on-one basis. Pre-arrangement  is required.

Bowhunting Training and Seminars

This program trains an individual for their hunt.  The program covers various aspects of preparing for a hunt from small game to big game animals.  Various hunting techniques are presented and discussed.  Topics covered include the planning of your hunt through taking care of your trophy. Bow hunting equipment is the other segment of this program and includes the type of Brodhead to use and personal gear. Various successful bowhunters will be assisting during the seminars. Announcements will be posted on the website for the upcoming dates and times of these seminars.

Coaching Certification Classes

Archer's Cave will offer various coaches and instructor certification classes every quarter which will include USA Archery Level I, II and III NTS. Advance registration will be required.  Upcoming dates and times will be posted on our website.

Equipment Special Order with Lancaster Archery Supplies

No cost set up and bow tuning on all orders.

Club News

USA Archery Adult & JOAD Programs

As of April 5, 2017 Archer's Cave is now a registered Adult Archery Program and a Junior Olympic Archery Development Program!  

Transfer Your Club Affiliation

If you have not already done so, please remember to go to the USA Archery website and transfer your club affiliation to Archer's Cave. There is no fee to transfer your membership!   

If you are not currently registered with USA Archery, kindly do so and choose Archer's Cave as your club affiliation.

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